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F.A.Q english

Are you going to carry out the service?

Absolutely yes! And it will be well highlighted on the contract.

Why aren’t your prices on the site?

Because it is pretty difficult to generalize a rate, I need to know more. Write an e-mail.

Are you ready to move?

Certainly I enjoy to, I have worked anywhere, in foreign countries as well.

Do you take pictures of relatives and friends?

Of course I do! they are a part of the day and memories of yours.

How many pictures will you give?

It depends on many things, between 400 and 600 pictures.

Will we receive digital pictures?

Yes, everyone in HD and no logo.

How are the albums?

Printing is fundamental to ML, it is the last step of a photographer’s job. We invest a lot to be always in the vanguard and ours prints are all in fine art. We combine a modern style album with the best print technology available today.

Do you take care of the video too?

Sure, since 2014 we are able to film also with the ‘’DRONE’’

What is the ‘’engagement’’ service?

It is a photographic service taken 2 months earlier, it might be a good occasion for the bride to try the make-up and all pictures will be given with the wedding ones.

When do we have to book?

Around  6-9 months before the event.